Coffee or Tea?

Okay, I tried. For the sake of health, all week I've had tea ("Earl Grey, very hot") in the morning instead of coffee. I really love both, but tea just doesn't do it for me when I first wake up. Drinking tea feels more civilized and gentle, but, due to the time I spent in England years ago, I suppose, I think of tea as an afternoon, not morning, drink. I decided to drink tea upon waking because my ulcer started to act up. The other reason was that I heard a woman on telly say that those afternoon naps are due to caffeine let-down. Nevertheless, I'm going back to coffee. It's not because of withdrawals, because I haven't experienced any symptoms (I only drink two cups a day), I just miss the morning clarity. I miss the aroma and the body of coffee. Tea comforts, coffee bolsters, and in the morning I need the latter...

Medical experts generally agree that 16 ounces of coffee a day are fine -- never more than 32 -- depending on body weight and other health factors.

Pluses of Coffee:
  • Reduces risk of Parkinson's Disease, liver cancer & Type II Diabetes
  • Enhanced alertness, productivity & creativity
Pluses of Tea:
  • Prevents inflammation of the blood vessels
  • Reduces risk of cancer
Apparently, both coffee and tea have their benefits when taken in moderation and if one must make a choice, tea should be the first. However, if coffee is part of the morning routine—and one doesn't over-do—there's nothing to worry about. And if I drink tea in the afternoon, I can't lose.

Good morning. I'm going to get a cup of coffee.