Answer Me These Questions Eight

Because I'm fat, sated and lazy after the feast, I'm answering a meme I got from Kelly, who didn't specifically tag me but rather tossed out an open invitation. It's "Eight Things" of various sorts...

8 Things I Am Passionate About:
1. Music
2. Writing
3. Nettl
4. My family
5. My friends
6. Having fun
7. The proper use of the English language
8. Web Design

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Live in Vienna.
2. Compose a masterpiece.
3. Learn to play viola.
4. Take a trip through the British Isles with Nettl.
5. Spend a month all alone either in a beach or mountain house.
6. Feel that I've amounted to something.
7. See my screenplay translated to the Big Screen.
8. Have a beer with Ellen Degeneres.

8 Things I Say Often:
1. "Fartknockinpieceadad!"
2. "Absolutely."
3. "I love you, too."
4. "Schazbottafwasonufafragalet..."
5. "Kitty, no! Ssst!"
6. "Cool!"
7. "Dude..."
8. "F***in' A!"

8 Books I’ve Read Recently:
1. Sylvia, Rachel, Meredith, Anna by Bob Slentz-Kesler
2. Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters by Ann S. Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa (a book that the publisher asked me to review)
3. Auto Repair For Dummies by Deanna Sclar
4. The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey (still reading)
5. The Complete Mozart by Neil Zaslaw (an ongoing reference)
6. Mozart and His Circle by Peter Clive (an ongoing reference)
That's it!

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over & Over:
1. "A Whiter Shade of Pale" (doesn't matter what version)
2. The entire B-side of Abbey Road by the Beatles
3. "Lascia ch'io pianga" by Handel
4. "Sweet Is The Night" by ELO
5. "Ave verum Corpus" by Mozart
6. "Looking For Space" by John Denver
7. "Gloria" by Vivaldi
8. "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends:
1. Their eccentricities.
2. Their sense of humor.
3. Their ability to "get me".
4. Their loyalty.
5. Their openness to new people and ideas.
6. Their optimism.
7. Their laughter.
8. Their earthiness.

8 Things (or more) That I am Thankful For This Year:
1. Nettl.
2. My family.
3. My friends.
4. My uncle.
5. My lawyer.
6. My Dell.
7. My dreams.
8. My tenacity.
9. My blog friends.
10. Wine.
11. Revelry Vintners, who sent me 3 free wines just in time for Thanksgiving.
12. Slippers.
13. My work-from-home job.
14. Our home.
15. Life itself.