What's Wrong With People?

Granted, the dry and unseasonably warm conditions have been major factors, but most, if not all of these fires were caused by carelessness and arson.

What’s wrong with people? I’ve seen people throw burning cigarette butts out of their pick-up truck windows. Being from California, where hefty fines and jail time control a lot of this, I was astonished when I first moved here.

People in Oklahoma litter like I’ve never seen anywhere else, and tossing burning cigarette butts out the window is insane, regardless of the weather conditions. And it doesn’t take an Einstein to know that you just don’t BBQ on a day when the winds are blowing 40 and 50 miles per hour and there's a statewide burn ban in place. And then there’s the arson thing. Are these @$$holes so needy of attention that they’ll set a fire when the state is already an inferno? What’s your point!?

The longer I’m on this planet, the less sense it makes to me.