New Year's Resolutions

I’m not one to make resolutions for every year that comes along because I know I’m too apt to let myself down. I think we too often relate resolutions to denying ourselves things we really enjoy. I’m a hedonist, I admit, and I’ve never been a believer in, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.” I personally think life is what we make it — with a bit of crapola thrown in to keep things interesting and to keep us growing and evolving. But before I gallop into 2006 on a philosophical tirade, here are some resolutions I can live with:

  • Drink more water
  • Watch less television
  • Read more
  • Get over being middle-aged. It happens to everyone
  • Get over the few extra pounds middle-age has given me. Who really cares
  • Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
  • Get outside more
  • Take less crap from people
  • Make more music
  • Keep believing. Why stop now?


  1. These are good. I may have to adopt a few for myself (although I know better than to think I can keep a resolution any longer than about a week).

  2. Oh, yeah! Those are good, especially the first three and #7.

  3. Of course, I won’t be starting some of these until after our Mozartballs screening party on January 27th… ;)

  4. Life is a bitch, that’s why we should all drink more! Happy new year!

  5. Commenting on “middle-age”… I found a cure for it yesterday when I watched this week’s Netflix selection, “Calendar Girls.” That’s the movie about the group of middle-aged English women who stripped naked for a calendar they sold to raise money for charity. The film is inspirational, and made me want to bare all and skip down the street shouting, “Yeah, baby! I really AM glorious!” (I didn’t of course. I ran out of wine.)

  6. LOL! Sort of a women’s “Full Monty”?

  7. Just want to say hello… from the Philippines. Never heard of it? I like your blogs, ignore the bad eggs.

  8. Oh, I know the Philippines. I spent most of my high school years with friends from there. Love your food!

    Thanks for your comment!


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