Almost Instant Karma

While waxing metaphysical, I notice that I’ve been tagged. Lil Red got me back—I tagged her on Friday—now, I’m obliged to return the favor by telling you a few random facts about me. No number was specified, so I’ll give you ten.

  1. I have nothing whatsoever to do with money. Although (or maybe because) I was in accounting for 25 years, when Nettl and I got together I gave the finances to her. I simply hand her the checks and I have my debit card. That’s the extent of my financial involvement. She tells me what we have—or don’t have—and I act accordingly (I’m not a spender anymore, anyway). I’m much happier this way and my ulcers are all gone.
  2. I drum on everything around me. Tabletops, counters, sofa and chair arms—everything is either a drum head or a piano keyboard to my fingers. My feet constantly tap out rhythms, too.
  3. My head is full of music every second of the day and night. When I’m not “listening” to it, it sounds like when an orchestra tunes up before a concert. When I am listening to it, well, I call that composition because I have to work with it until I have something worth writing down.
  4. I have hydrophobia. When I was two, a kid pushed me into the deep end of a pool and my 8-month pregnant aunt jumped in to save me. I nearly drowned, and was taken to the hospital. Once, back in 1971 when I was high on ’shrooms, I spent all day in a pool (at Stephen Stills’ house in Laurel Canyon) in an attempt to “make friends” with water. I taught myself to swim that day, but I still don’t like being in water. Besides, I sunburn to a dangerous degree, so although I’m a native southern Californian, I’ve never fit that stereotype. No big loss to me.
  5. I have an online pen name that is an anagram of “Steph Waller”. No, I won’t tell you.
  6. I love to dance!
  7. I have a quick, hot temper, but I’ve learned to keep it in check—until I feel I’ve been taken for granted. Even then, I’ll take and take, and then I blow up with no warning, leaving people asking, “Where the hell did that come from?” I’m almost at that point now, in a couple of situations in my life.
  8. I’m a knee-jiggler.
  9. Inside, I stopped at about age 30. The older I get, the less my outside matches my inside.
  10. When I clean house, I always put my ELO Out of the Blue CD. Always have.

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