Pulse Point

At night when we sleep, Nettl and I like to be touching each other in some way. Usually it’s our feet, or one foot anyway. We like to cuddle, but that lasts only so long because we get too warm. Last night when I finally went to bed, one of her feet found one of mine, and as I lay there waiting to fall asleep, I could feel her pulse gently tapping against my own. At first they were out of sync, but as my heart rate relaxed our pulses began to find each other; they slowly became one pulse and it created a kind of music. Of course, I believe everything is music anyway, or at least I interpret everything musically. As I lay there observing this little miracle, I felt a surge of love for life fill me, and along with it a sense of perfect now-ness. Everything made perfect sense and all of my worries and concerns melted away. The Ram Das book, Be Here Now, came to my mind. I don’t know how long I lay there taking in the experience, but I fell asleep contented and carefree.

Now is really all we have; every second, every pulse, comes and goes. So many of these seem to slip past us unnoticed, and unremembered. I’ll carry those few moments I experienced last night in my memory for the rest of my life. Funny how miniscule pinholes of enlightenment open up to us once we just stop and live in the moment.

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