Morning Hodge-Podge

As if my constantly pecking on the PC keyboard, Nettl working on her historical fiction and Heather currently writing a fantasy novel aren’t enough, Nathan has now joined the flock of writers in our house. Yes, our long-haired skateboarding boy with the radiant, ornery smile has done something we never saw coming. He has written an essay that made it into the top 3 of his school and which is now eligible to go to the state competition and win some sizable bucks. The topic? Why Patriotism Is Vital In Today’s Society. (Can you tell we live in Oklahoma?) How’d he write something like that? After all, he lives in a household that isn’t particularly patriotic, not in the "My country right or wrong" sense. When I asked, he told me, “I didn’t know what to say because I’m not patriotic. I just wrote what they wanted to hear. I just wrote out a bunch of George Bush kinda bull shit.” Hm. Methinks we may have a budding White House press correspondent on our hands.


  1. Firstly, I tried to say “Hi!” or “Hey!” (as we say in Texas) at your “Hello out there!” message, but the little comment field didn’t pop up. It may be a personal problem, but just the same I thought I’d let you know. You could be missing some cheerful greetings from blog fans.


    As long as I’m here, congrats on the great paper! Best of luck on that! Looks like a young fellow who understands his target audience!

    My son went to the state competition for a film he did in high school with costumes, realistic sword fights (with…gasp…real swords), music soundtrack, special effects and very impressive editing.

    It came down to his film and a PowerPoint presentation in mainly red, white and blue that featured still photos of various things about town that had been decorated post-911 with flags and such. They declared the PowerPoint presentation the winner.

    My son stood up and said, “I want a recount.” Then, in front of the committee, he turned to the kid who did the PowerPoint presentation and asked him, “Do you honestly think that yours is better than mine? Answer truthfully.” The kid shook his head. After a few minutes of discussion, they reevaluated their decision and declared my son “first in state.”

    So gig ‘em.


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