WTF Am I Doing?

This evening Nettl and I are driving down to Shawnee (only about an hour away) to spend the night. It's her alma mater's centennial reunion this weekend. That's Oklahoma Baptist University. Yes, I said Oklahoma. Baptist. University. Oklahoma... Baptist...


It's not as bad as it sounds though, because all the cool kids she hung out with and partied with back then are still cool, partying, drama and music major types. We got a block of rooms together at a hotel, where we'll be tippling a bit while the Tea Baggers other students are mentally dissing each other and bragging about their missionary kids. And when the cool kids go to events they understandably don't want to miss, I'll hide in our room.

There are some people I'm really looking forward to meeting. We've become friends in Facebook and they're my kind of people. These are the kids who were into Led Zeppelin and Blondie back then. I think we're going to have a great time! Think I'll bring a copy of Anne Frank to read.