Lowrider's Keep

Our cat, whom I like to call "Lowrider" because I can't bring myself to call any animal "Sweetie" (and she has that belly flab that hangs nearly to the ground), has a clear case of OCD. Yeah, I know. All cats have it, but I've known a lot of cats in my lifetime and this one is seriously more cat than all of those cats put together.

One of Lowrider's quirks is that every Monday she starts a new routine, which includes when she goes in and out of the house, what times she eats, and where she sleeps. A few weeks ago she found a spot near the pedals on the piano. The next week it was in front of one of the stereo speakers. Last week she chose to sleep behind Nettl's knees (damned uncomfortable, I know, because she claimed that spot on me a few months ago). Other places have included the chair in the kitchen, on top of the porch light column, under the table, on Joel's bed, and behind the Morning Glories in the front flower bed. Today she claimed the bird bath in the front yard. When I opened the blinds I saw that the top had been knocked off and was lying upside-down on the grass. Crafty cat. I went out and put it back, but I didn't fill it. Later, I looked outside again and saw the her.

When you think of it, this isn't such a crazy idea. Talk about cat bliss. Up off the ground where she can keep an eye on her domain, and lying in a terra cotta bowl. Natural solar heat. I can guarantee you that's where she'll be until next Monday when she'll find another place.