Break Glass in Case of Emergency

That's the way it seems sometimes. Like I sweep up more glass on this blog than I actually write. Especially lately. Where once I posted once and sometimes twice a day, I now post only about three or four times a week.

Are we winding down? I mean those of us who've been at this for years now?...

I adopted the old "no post, no guilt" blogging style long ago so I'm well over feeling badly if I miss a day or two. The thing is, I wish I blogged like I used to. I miss brimming with ideas and of stopping mid-activity to think, "Hey, this would be a great blog entry!" Nowadays, I'm more apt to stop and think, "Wow, this would be cool in my book!"

What I need is a transfusion. Or to find a new way of being on the internet. I think it's just about time that something new is invented. Kind of like how back in the 70s people were looking for the next Beatles. God, we're a fickle lot.

I'm tired of reading opinions on the state of the world. Okay, it's bad. Move on. How many times can we complain about it?

I'm also tired of reading a great blog entry and clicking the comment button only to find the usual stack of pithy, not-so-funny comments in which each visitor vies with the other to be the most unimpressed, the most nonplussed, the most blasè. I leave few comments these days because of this very thing.

On certain blogs, I predict what the regular visitors have said before I actually click the comments button, and I'm right more times than is amusing. This one says she feels exactly the same way, but she loves the blogger anyway (ha ha) and that one leaves a sarcastic snort that is a compliment meant to sound like a put-down, or vice-versa (yawn).

All this is somehow related to my thing about loving humor but hating comedy. Be spontaneously funny, don't throw out a one-liner. Nothing is less funny than someone trying to be funny. It kind of reminds me of this video:

You just know Walken wakes up every damned morning dreading all the douche bags who are going put him through the cowbell routine that day.

I guess what I want to read, both in blog entries and their comments, is genuineness. What keeps me coming back to your blog is how you let me into your private world. If politics are part of that world, then cool, but I'd rather hear about you, your ideas, your thoughts. And that's what I enjoy writing as well.

To each, our own.