Not me
I am completely justified and I have NO reason to feel guilty!

There. That feels better.

I confess. I spend a lot of time here on the bed, blogging, writing, designing websites, playing Farmville... But my favorite wingback chair in the living room hurts my back after a while, as does the chair at the dining room table. The sofa is right out, and, well, there's just no place else to go, and no place to hang my hammock...

Vinnie love bugs
Vinnie loves Junebugs.
Plus, there's no view from the living room, and our bed sits beside a huge bay window that shows me the entire corner on which we live. From here, I see everything: people walking their dogs, students on bikes, neighbors gardening, birds, cats, dogs, squirrels, asshats in pickups burning rubber. I watch the seasons change. The other evening I saw Jacey come up the walk with her dog, Vinnie. Why should I sit anywhere else?

The cat loves this window, too. In fact, her current favorite sleeping spot is on the right side of the bay. There's a window seat, you see, and we have a faux fur throw that she has claimed. But that's not the extent of it. Right outside that window is a bush that gets loaded with birds, so she sits there, making that clicking noise that cats make. She demands that the window be open so that her instincts can drive her crazy. Birds: so close and so far away!

Anyway, I feel justified sitting here, but I rarely sit IN bed, I sit ON bed. Being in the bed all day is a guilty pleasure I haven't gotten quite used to.