Ernie Joseph's Site is Live

I spoke on the phone with Ernie earlier this evening. I always love talking with him. He's so interesting and so humble, and he feels things so deeply. He'd sent me his responses to my interview questions, and I needed to go over a couple of them with him. I then told him about the site and gave him the URL. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous until I got an email a few moments ago in which he said he loved the site and was going to send me more stuff for it; pictures and the like.

"This is really great! You blew me away—it's beyond cool.
LLLLOVE You, Sweet Thing!"

Yeah, I just go all gooshy inside when my "Big Bro" says stuff like that. I have another entry I want to make tonight, but I wanted to get this up straight away. Check it out!