The Course of Right Action

I used to read the I Ching quite a bit, back when I was in my twenties and didn't yet know how to make important decisions for myself. As I got older I learned that within each of us is a little radio antenna that tells us what we should do in any given situation. Granted, it's not always easy to detect (sometimes it's like working at SETI), but it's there all the same. It used to be called a conscience, but few people seem to know they have one of those anymore...

The I Ching calls it following the course of right action, but is quick to remind us that if we do so seeking reward or glory, or even good karma, we undo what we've done, that taking the higher road is always its own reward. It's not always profitable to do what we know is right and it's not always popular. It's certainly never easy when our egos or desires are at stake, but, yeah, it feels good. That's how we know we've done the right thing. It just feels good.

I don't toss the coins around anymore, but then, I've learned how to detect that little bit of static when I'm about to make a wrong decision. This weekend I found myself in this position and I'm happy to say I made the right decision. It doesn't matter what it was, it only matters that I feel great about it. And that's the true reward.