Fried Green What?

On Friday evening Jacey came over bearing two bottles of Broke Ass Wine, one white (for me) and one red (for her). For a so-called recession table wine it was pretty good, reminding me of a chardonnay. I don't know about the red, because I didn't try it.

The weather was beautiful, probably in the high 70s, so we sat out on the front porch at the bistro table. My sons joined us and we had a great time talking, laughing, and eating chips and salsa. Jacey's always a lot of fun anyway. Typical Gemini...

When she left, the guys and I continued the party, and at one point in the evening, pretty late, actually, a homeless man came up the walk and we invited him to join us. After introductions, I asked him if he was hungry and could I fix him something. He was thankful, and I went inside and fixed him a plate of our leftover fried chicken dinner from a couple of nights ago. He said his name was David and that he was an engineer that had fallen on hard times after a divorce and child custody problems. He was very polite and very grateful for the company, the laughter, and the food.

I have to confess that the wine turned on me later, after David left and we came indoors. I haven't been that ill since my college years, and the next day I wracked my brain trying to figure it out. Today, Jacey told me the wine had the same effect on her, so I wouldn't suggest drinking Broke Ass wine. We now call it Kick Ass Wine.

This evening, David dropped by again. He was cleaned up and was on his way to evening services. The man had taken the trouble to pick a large bouquet of wildflowers and walk the 12 blocks to our house to give them to us as a thank you gift. Needless to say, this made us feel all Ruth and Idgey inside (remember how they befriended Smokey?) and we decided that if he comes back around (and if we have the extra cash), we'll pay him to do an odd job or two. The good news was that he's looking into getting an apartment and he may have a job lined up. I hope that's true, and I hope things start looking up for him.