F*** it Monday

I'm not the kind of person who goes in for all the "I hate Mondays" stuff that I read everywhere on line. I kind of follow the idea that we make our day what it is and Monday is no worse than any other day of the week. But then, I work from home. Which doesn't mean I don't have my frustrations and BS to deal with like anyone else, it just means that I'm no longer part of the commute group...

I have to confess that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I was in the middle of a dream in which I was so pissed off that I was slamming doors and mumbling out loud. Then the cat woke me up with her "My bistro is still on top if the fridge so I'm going to thrash your favorite chair with my claws until you get your ass up and feed me" routine. Never mind that she had both canned and dry food for breakfast only a few hours ago.

We go through this nearly every morning, but today it got to me more than usual. She doesn't give a damn that I was up working until dawn. Her hairy ass could sleep through an F7 tornado. And let's not overlook the fact that for a full hour afterward she pulled this crap about every five or six minutes. When that didn't work, she started in with her "squirrel" acrobatics, running the length of the house, leaping into the air and turning somersaults. You who are cat staff know what I'm talking about.

I have stuff to do today and I don't wanna. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just keep my ass in bed until this mood passes.