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1 Step Beyond: "I am willing to take the chance. There are people who sit back and watch, and then they feed off of the ground you covered. I'm not afraid to look stupid, or have to look back and say "what was I THINKING?" I jump. I'm not sure it's always a good idea... but I wouldn't trade my personal search, even with all its drek, for anybody else's."

Dear World: "I must admit I prefer Shakespeare's comedies! His tragedies are great works, but they don't have the kind of wit about them that makes his comedies so enjoyable."

Hairshirt: "So, even though some people say that Saturday Night Live is now like that girlfriend you'd love to break up with but can't because the apartment's in her name and you can't afford to move out so you keep on sleeping with her even though you have to fake your orgasms, I'm going to celebrate it by appropriating the SNL brand of humor as my own."

T-Town Tommy: "Unaware that her remarks to 50 supporters were being taped, [Oklahoma] Rep. Sally Kern offers a shocking anti-gay tirade." (Welcome to our nightmare. - Steph)

Things To Say: "Somehow I never pictured my rock idols needing hip replacement surgery. I suppose the solution is to find a new idol that will stay forever young (or at least until after I'm dead)."

Simon Sez: "These boys comfort and ground me. I roll over and hug Buddy as he tucks his head next to my chest – and I fall asleep to the constant of his snoring – I drift off to sleep next to my boys. Ah the love of a good furry man!"

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  1. Thanks for the plug! I was pleasantly surprised to see my site up there. I guess I need to update my blog more often... ;)


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