I See You Rolling Your Eyes

Yeah, I know. But look at it this way: since I can no longer rearrange the furniture, I have to expend that creative urge somehow. Speaking of creativity...

Project ONEway really pissed me off tonight. Both Rami and Jillian got screwed right up the patoot. And why? Because Posh Spice judged according to what she'd, personally, like to wear rather than on the merits of these fine designers in the context of Fashion Week. This wasn't her personal shopping trip after all. It was all so effin' predictable, wasn't it?

I admit that Christian is a prodigy and I admit that I never really liked Jillian's designs (I loved her black coat though. If I were 25 again I'd wear that in a heartbeat). Hell, I even admit that I wanted Rami to win because he's nice, classy, sensitive and humble, but I really thought Jillian deserved to win tonight, and I believe Rami should have come in second. In my opinion, Christian's line was beautiful, but black on black, flouncy tops, skinny pants, big belts, big hats, though nice once or twice, became a honk-shoo after about the 4th garment.
  1. Black dress cinched at waist, black hat
  2. Black pants, black top cinched at waist, black hat
  3. Black pants, black top cinched at waist, black hat
  4. Black pants, black top cinched at waist
  5. Black pants, black top cinched at waist
  6. Black pants, black coat, black hat
  7. Black pants, black top cinched at waist, black hat
  8. Black skirt, tan top, black hat
  9. This is where it finally started getting interesting: Black pants, black & tan tops cinched at waist, black hat
  10. Tan pants, tan top cinched at waist
  11. Tan & taupe dress cinched at waist
  12. Tan & taupe feathered gown
You can see them here. Just click through the pictures.

Oh well, at least I'll never have to hear him say the word "fierce" ever again.

As for my last post about Spring and all that, we're in a winter storm watch and are expecting snow today.


  1. My wife and I are with you on the Jillian thing. I called Christian as the winner four or five weeks into the show, but I thought Jillian's stuff last night was the best. MrsRW felt the same, but she NEVER like the little weasel guy.

  2. Tell her I didn't either. I knew he would win though, because everyone loves a prodigy, especially when they're annoying as shit.

  3. RW, are you excited about Top Chef being in Chicago?

  4. YES! At last Top Chef comes to the REAL food capital of the world!

    Expect some blog-material if they show us some local people and places.

    P.S. Victoria Beckham(sp?) ruined the whole thing for me. I was doing a lot of thumbs down and other finger gestures at the screen...

  5. We were cussing blue streaks.

    RE: Top Chef in Chi-Town, I'll be extra glued to your blog!

  6. Gotta say, I thought Rami and Jillian both had boring collections.


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