Feeling Good

Sorry I've gone a little absentee over the past week. Between working on another site for the university music department, watching the primaries, and rediscovering my passion for reading, I haven't been able to come up with much to write about. Besides this, I've been feeling great. With my THS levels finally balanced (after two full years of synthroid modification and remodification), I'm feeling like I'm 35. True, some days that's more like 55, depending on how I treat myself the day before, but I figure that 55 is still two years younger than my actual age, so I have no room to complain...

Despite the erratic weather, it appears spring is just around the corner. I'm waking up to bird song every morning and the lawns are slowly coming back to life. The Bradford Pear and Redbud trees are full of buds, which means that in the next couple of weeks there will be explosions of purple and white blossoms everywhere. It also means that I'll be pulling out my eye drops again, but who cares? I love winter, but I'm looking forward to warmer days and sunlit rooms.

Art: "Feeling Good" by John Lennon