Call For Poetry!

I am about to begin work on a piece of music for the Stillwater Chamber Singers' 2008 Christmas concert and am looking for a text. Below, you will find a listing of what I need.

  • I will not accept schmaltzy Christmas/Yule/Winter sentiments having to do with snowmen, Santa and his elves, blinking red noses and etc.

  • Likewise, I'm not looking for overtly Christian images like baby Jesus coming to die for our sins. Sacred poems are good, but don't preach.

  • Celtic and other folk-inspired poems are great, but don't make them too esoteric.

  • I'm very drawn to the idea of the focus being on Mary and her experiences, thoughts and feelings.

  • It's helpful if there is some rhyme involved, but it's not mandatory. Structure, however, is necessary. I find it difficult to work with free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness poems.

  • There is no money involved. If the piece is performed, you will be credited in the program as the poet. That is all. I'm making nothing off of it, just like you.

  • On the off-chance that it did make money someday, you would be contacted and the proper legal steps would be taken to ensure you received your royalties.

  • You will own the copyright of your poem and will be free to use it however you wish. I am only "borrowing" the text for this particular piece.

  • You must be okay with me altering the text a bit to adjust it to the demands of music composition.

  • It shouldn't be too long, but neither should it be too short. It will be divided into three movements, so you might want to keep that in mind.

  • You don't need to be a published writer or poet. Some of the best texts come from unpublished writers!