How Did I Do That?

Last night I made a steak fajita dinner for the first time. It was a big hit and a definite "Make that again!". Later, as I sat adding up how much it cost to make such a successful dinner, I was stunned at how cheap it was. The following are approximates:

Pre-seasoned steak for fajitas: $3.26
Season packet: $0.76
Flour tortillas: $1.79
Red bell pepper: $0.88
Green bell pepper: $0.88
(already had the onion)
Sour cream: $1.32
Grated Fiesta cheese: $1.76
Refried beans: $1.06
Mexican rice: $0.96
Grand Total: $12.67

For FIVE people. That's just a little over $2.50 apiece.