False Noses, Kaiserschmarren & Evensong

What a great day yesterday was. Actually, it began on Saturday night when Nettl and I settled back to watch the 1948 version of Oliver Twist, with Alec Guinness in the role of Fagin. I was a bit offended by the false nose they gave him, but his performance was brilliant...

I slept in until nearly 11:00 and was promptly delivered a cup of hot coffee as I checked my email and various websites. Downstairs, Nettl and Heather made the brunch of a lifetime in honor of Mozart's 252nd birthday: Kaiserschmarren, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and orange juice. It was fantastic! Afterward, I showered and dressed and all that and then settled into my laptop again while listening to a King's College Choir concert of various pieces composed for Evensong on EWTN.

Soon, Charity arrived for her usual Sunday afternoon voice lesson with Nettl. Because she is due to have a baby at the beginning of March, her latest lessons have lately consisted of listening to recordings and watching videos. The telly is in our bedroom, so Nettl brings her upstairs. For the last three weeks they've been watching In Search of Mozart, a well-produced documentary of the composer's life. After she left, our friend Jaeson came by for a little bit, then it was time for Masterpiece Theatre and my usual Sunday night Britcoms on PBS. Now, here I am winding things up before I go to bed.

It was a lovely day, really. Relaxed and cozy, and just what I like a Sunday to be.