Random Crap

Why does everything go at once? Not only is it freezing downstairs, but the ice maker has quit working. I know that sounds paradoxical, but that's because it is. When it's 16º outside and 66º inside, why would anyone want ice?...

What's weird is that while Heather's room is like an ice box, across the hall Micah's room is an oven. How does that happen? The upstairs is fine, except for Joel's room. While ours is toasty, his stays cold. Looks like I need to call the property management company.

The death of Heath Ledger is tragic. He was a fine actor only just starting out in what I thought was going to be a distinguished career. The only good thing about it is that we were spared a full day of television without Brittney Spears. My condolences to Mr. Ledger's family and friends.