Friends I Can't Wait to Meet

I've met a lot of really fine people here in Blogsville. I've even met a few in person. But sometimes I like to think about the others whom I haven't met, and if we ever shall. Here are those I hope to meet one day. If you're not listed here it's not because I don't want to meet you, it's just that I nowadays have to know someone online for a long time before I trust that a face-to-face meeting will be a mutually happy thing. I know that most of these meetings won't happen, but that doesn't mean that I can't want them to.

Bob S-K: I'm looking forward to kicking back a few beers with Bob and meeting his wife and kids. Hell, I feel like I know them already, due to his candid blog. And I want him to give me a tour of his back yard and show me his masonry. We'll even take a couple of goofy pictures of us together!

RW: Sitting in leather club chairs sharing brandy and cigars while comparing notes about who we met in the Sixties. What could be more cozy than two Libras cruising together in a situation like that?

Joe: Come on. I want to meet him at what he knows to be the best deli in New York City, and shoot the shit.