A Hot Weekend

We don't cook around here on the weekends; dinner is each family member's responsibility in what we call "fending", as in fending for oneself. Sometimes Nettl and I will order something in, but usually we'll just eat when we're hungry, throwing some frozen crap into the microwave.

I worked on the new site all day then took a nap. When I woke up Nettl asked me if I wanted her to order some hot wings to be delivered. Yes! I loves me my capsaicin! They were so hot that we had to stop in the middle of them to give our mouths a rest. Then we were back at them.

Tonight at 9:00 we'll be tuning into the OETA Movie Club to watch The Paper Chase and A Shot In The Dark. Being a show that airs only "classic" films (although they never go back as far silents, damn it), we enjoy their weekend programming. Last night I watched The Seven Year Itch and the original Moulin Rouge starring Jose Ferrer.

Yep, capsaicin and old movies. I'm a happy body.