Still Meming

Still Loving: Nettl.
Still Not: Financially secure.
Still Glad: I listened to my heart instead of my head.
Still Enjoying: My laptop.
Still Doing: What it takes to get my book published.
Still Proud: Of making it through a damned hard life.
Still Amazed: That I can dream.
Still Hoping: My hard work will be rewarded.
Still Grateful: For Nettl and our family.
Still Wanting: To be an expatriot.
Still Trying: To figure out if there's a God.
Still Failing: To be a success.
Still Passionate About: Life.
Still Taking Up New Things: Learning German.
Still Working: On my book.
Still Reading: My favorite blogs.
Still Thinking: There's an order to things, even if I sometimes can't see it.
Still Wondering: When my ship will come in.
Still Dressing: in "Dad" shirts
Still To Do: Have a happy childhood.
Still Cherishing: Those who have stayed with me through the years.
Still Will Never: Understand people who enjoy hurting others.
Still Will Always: Laugh.
Still: Meming after all these years.

Harvested from Kay's Thinking Cap. Thanks!

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  1. You're welcome!!!! I got tagged on it by Mother Pie!


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