Alton Brown Takes His Job Too Seriously

Alton Brown was in a motorcycle accident outside Las Vegas while filming his new show, Feasting on Asphalt. AB, I think you need to re-think the title of your new show (which I’m looking forward to with all excitement!). Don’t take your work so literally.

Here’s what Alton has to say about it:

“Just want to say “thanks” to those who sent cards, emails, sides of beef, etc. in the wake of my mishap in the Nevada desert. Although a broken clavicle is indeed a painful thing, at least we know for sure that Isaac Newton pretty much nailed it with that second law of his. I should heal just fine but I will have a nasty lump on my shoulder for the rest of my days. (Dang … there goes that modeling career). To those ghouls out there who inquired as to whether or not the event was captured on camera you’ll be comforted to know that the crash will be featured in episode 4 of Feasting on Asphalt. But I have to warn you: it was a low charisma event. No flames, no smoke … just a lot of dust and discomfort.” -AB
Get well soon!


  1. The really painful part must have been getting that giant paper clip extracted from his head!

  2. This accident footage could spawn a new show - “Good Feats”. Think about it.


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