My Tired & Lazy Ass

I was up until 5:30 this morning finishing the first phase of my current web project, and until I hear from the client, I’m free to play and blog and dance the hoochy-coo, if that’s what I feel like doing. I don’t usually work on the weekend anyway.

Joel took us to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. That was fun. The fight scenes were a little long, and we could have gotten along quite well with just one Kracken scene, but I really ended up liking Davy Jones, despite his octopus head. The best part is when…well, I don’t want to blow it for those of you who haven’t seen it.

What are my plans for this weekend… Let’s see… Not much! Heather and Nathan are coming home tomorrow (Nathan’s only spending two weeks and then he’s going back up to Wichita). I need to go get a few groceries… I guess that’s it. I have a totally free weekend. I think I’ll declare today Pajama Day.