Worked Hard, Played Hard, Glad to Be Home

What a whirlwind. Got in last night at 9:00 with a really rough landing due to a torrential and amazing thunder/lightening/rain storm. I’m too tired to write, so here are some pictures.

It was LOUD back here!
(Continental Express Jet, seat#19A)

L.A. traffic on Florida’s I-75, on one of our many several treks
between Tampa, Gibsonton and Venice Beach.
(That’s co-star Charles Kriels’ right shoulder in the front seat)

Venice Beach, Florida at sunset.
We shot here most of one afternoon.

Exhausted me in my hotel room watching a concert on the Arts station.
(Holiday Inn, Venice, Florida, Room #104)


  1. Interesting jim-jams!

    Liz xx.

  2. THOSE are the famous Penguin Pants! I wouldn’t know Steph without them! LOL!

  3. It just wasn’t the same without you here, dear…


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