A Lonely Little Meme

(Grabbed from Chasing Vincenzo)

  1. …a strange combination of food you like to snack on.
    S.O.S. White gravy with tuna, on toast.
  2. …something you do that other bloggers who read you might find odd if they saw you doing it.
    Watching Lifetime movies on Sunday.
  3. …when you were 7, what you wanted to be when you grew up - that you never told anyone about.
    A movie star.
  4. …the thing you don’t tell people at work about yourself.
    Well, I work at home, so…
  5. …what you like to do when no one else is going to be home for a stretch of time.
    That s-e-l-d-o-m happens, but the two times that it has happened in the past three years, I just work at my computer.
  6. …the thing you believe - politically - that you don’t admit to people who think you think like they do.
    I’m moderately conservative when it comes to the death penalty.
  7. …that one thing from your childhood, outside of your parents, that you try to maintain some kind of connection with, and how.
    My belief that dreams do come true and that there is magic in the world.
  8. …a song or group or singer you secretly like that everyone else groans about.
    John Denver
  9. …do you close the bathroom door when you’re the only one home?

And as RW said, “Grab at will.”

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