And Now, To Bed

Well, now that I’m pretty much over the exhaustion of last weekend’s location shoot, my poor Nettl is exhausted from her new job. The minute she walked in the door tonight, I saw that she was about to drop, so we went out to dinner, where I forced her (yeah, right) to have a Margarita. When we came home, I got back to work on my new web project (which is for an art site) and Nettl took a long nap. Tomorrow, I intend to spend the afternoon working, and then we’re going to watch The Libertine, starring Johnny Depp. You know how we love our period films on the weekend, and this one looks a bit…racy…

Big old sloppy thanks to Deni for keeping a good eye on my blog while I was gone, and for sweeping that cockroach out the door. Thanks, friend!

And now, to bed.

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  1. You’re very welcome. I’m the bug-getter-outer at home, too.

    My m-i-l just watched The Libertine and really enjoyed it. I have to see if it’s in my Netflix queue.


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