A Good Day, et al

1  It makes all the difference when you're not in severe pain, or feeling like you've been hit by a couple of semi-trucks. I remember when I felt this good every morning of my life. I'd wake up rearing to go and I'd spend my day composing, gardening, sitting in the park with friends, walking... I remember when I built a loggia single-handedly in 1991. I had a life before Thyroidzilla hit me up-side the head. But once every five or six months I wake up feeling good, and it gives me hope. The problem is, when I do wake up feeling good, I immediately want to get busy doing the things I've missed over the past few months, but I know that I can't. I have to lay low as if I still feel like crap, or else I'll over-do it and feel like crap tomorrow. What a pile.

2 Yay! The family next door is moving today! Now we'll be able to have our windows open without being subjected to the sound of the oldest boy practicing his drum set. We will also be rid of the annoying boing-boing-boing of the basket ball, litter all over the cul-de-sac, and all of the trailor trash lawn art. Of course, come August some students are sure to move in thinking this is a great little place to throw toga parties.

3 Ville is so cool. She started a tradition of buying me a new "dad" shirt at the onset of every summer. Last year's was a blue and yellow glow-in-the-dark Spam shirt and this year she gave me a black shirt with wine glasses, grapes, and vines all over it. Over the past seven years I've become kind of known for wearing this kind of shirt. The kids used to call them my Robin Williams shirts, but I think they're more like those that Alton Brown wears.

4 aka_Monty has asked me to submit some classical music for her live radio show. I'm not sure what I'm going to send her yet, but I have some ideas and will get the files to her this afternoon. Tune in and find out what I submit!

5 Don't you love the way wind runs in the grass? When I was a kid in Solvang, I'd sit and watch it run up the hills taking the wild mustard with it. It looked like green velvet shifting in the light.

Guess that's it for today. Have a great Monday!

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