Hell Hole

This is the hole that broke my elbow. This is me holding the grass back to show only part of the hole.

This is how the hole looks when I'm not holding the grass back. Any questions?


  1. Precisely why the land lords are responsible.

  2. Is the arm doing any better?

  3. I will send remedies on Friday. but if you can get some, arnica 30c (or any strength) tablets, take them 2-3 times per day,start as soon as possible, for at least 1 week. Do you know comfrey herb? if it grows near you, make a tea and drink it, otherwise I will send it to you! big healing hugs too.

  4. That hole is dangerous. Its a miracle someone hasn't been hurt before! I hope you are able to get some treatment for your arm and that it heals up properly.

  5. The arm is...better. Definitely a hairline fracture. Well, I can type now, only very carefully because moving the fingers very much hurts. Thanks everyone!


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