No Effin' Way!

Right after I posted my previous post, my son Joel came downstairs and told me that he wanted me to go to the Dell website, pick out a computer, add the things I need, and order it; this was an early birthday present. After scraping myself off of the ceiling I did as I was told. It will be delivered sometime next week. Wow! I’ve been using this HP for seven years now. When I got it, it was cool, but Windows 98 goes only so far. Now I know how Elvis’s parents must have felt when he bought them a Cadillac. This is actually a good thing for the entire family. Now I can put this computer upstairs on Nettl’s desk and her old war horse can go in the family room for the kids. I’ll have my computer all to myself again! No more interrupting my work when someone has homework to do, or if they want to check their email. No more trojans and viruses from toxic sites. No more deleting image and music files that I didn’t download and that take up my hard drive space.

Thank you so very much Joel. You’re wonderful!


  1. Congrats on the new computer. With it, you’ll have more hard drive space than you’ll know what to do with. And the speed will make using the computer more efficient. I’m about to buy a laptop since my hard drive crashed on my old computer.

  2. Major coolness. I was actually just thinking about your old computer this evening and trying to figure out how I could do something to help out. Now I don’t need to.

    Three cheers for Joel!!!

  3. Thanks all. I couldn’t be happier, or prouder of my son!

    The Dell has 80 gigs of HD space. I’m working with 8 now. What a change this will be for me! Do you remember when the pentiums first came out and 1 gig seemed huge?

  4. LOL Yeah I rememebr asking “Who needs THAT much space?” LOL

    WTG Joel. You rock the free world dude!!

  5. I remember that. I was all indignant about it too. Ima Stu.

  6. Awesome kid you got there, Steph!


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