A Little Night Tamale

Nathan is spending the night at a friend’s house and Lauren had to work from 5 to 9, so Nettl and I decided to take the remaining family (the two of us, Joel, and Heather) to El Vaquero for a Mexican dinner to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We forgot that it’s also the night before the university graduation exercises at which President Bush will speak...

The streets were crazy, the eateries all teeming, and news vans and trucks were everywhere. Between the parents, looky-loos, and the news media, I think our city’s population has tripled. Thank God school’s out and everyone will be leaving soon. Summer here is always quiet, something I admit gets old by the time August rolls around. The students bring youth and vitality; I just wish they didn’t bring it next door.

When we pulled into the parking lot of “El Vaq” we were greeted by more cars than I’ve seen in one place at one time in a very long while. Finally landing a spot as an SUV pulled out, we parked and then walked to the front of the restaurant. There must have been well over thirty people waiting outside and just as many inside. I wrote my name on the front desk list and we happened to find a place to sit indoors. We didn’t mind waiting, really. We were all in the mood for a little social buzz. I love people-watching and, with a lobby full of college students on their first free night of summer break, there was plenty going on.

Overheard gems:

Girl: “Did you call my name? Amy for seven?”Hostess, looking over her three-page list: “No. Did you leave your name?”Girl:No.”
Different Girl: “If they don’t have a table for six, we could split up at tables for two and four.”Dude: (slack-jawed pause) “Uh... two plus four equals… six.”

Four years and $40,000 and this is what we get.

We waited about 45 minutes I think, and were finally taken to our table. We had such a good time. It’s seldom that we get to take the family out. Besides the fact that our car is too small to carry three adults and three teens, we simply can’t afford it. Tonight was different though, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Our family is a really just a troop of stand-up comics. It’s frightening.
After dinner, we stopped at Brown’s for some wine, and then stopped to fill up the gas tank. I can’t believe it cost nearly $30 to fill up a Ford Contour. I remember the days when I put 50¢ in my VW bug and drove all week on it

Tomorrow, I’m staying home and avoiding the Bush Crush. He’ll be flying into the airport that’s just across a meadow from our house, then he’ll be motored to the university. I wonder how many photos National Security has of me sitting here at my blog this week? They have those cameras that see right through your roof, don’t they?