Jets, Dogs, More Caffeine

We live near the municipal airport and the skies overhead are teeming with military aircraft (jets and helicopters). Why? G. Dubya is coming to town on Saturday. I wonder if that has anything to do with four houses on our street emptying out. In our cul-de-sac, there are only two houses that are still being lived in...

Not that I mind. The noisy college students who trashed the beautiful house next door are history, but I’ll kind of miss the two little girls whose parents threw them the carnival-like birthday parties, and the people across the street who had two dogs who ran across the street to say hi to me every time I went outside. We still have the quiet couple at the end of the court, and the partying hoochie mamas who live behind us (and their boyfriends who play their ba-boom-booms late at night). I wish they’d moved out and the people with the dogs had stayed.

It still makes no sense to me why our landlord will allow groups of college students to live in these beautiful homes, but won’t allow us to have a damned cat. We, who are his longest, best, cleanest and favorite tenants (he’s told us this). I’ve never lived anywhere that I didn’t leave in better shape that when I moved in. How can one cat possibly cause more damage than a houseful of rowdy, partying, vandalizing college students (one of the guys next door threw something at one of the beautiful carriage lamps that are affixed to either side of our garage door and broke it). Has anyone fixed it? No. The students who live in this neighborhood are those with parents who co-sign the lease. Why can’t they just let their spoiled rotten little darlings live in student housing like all the other kids? We pay too much money to live on fraternity row.

(By the way, the people across the street had dogs because they had a different landlord.)
Ramble, ramble, ramble…