Mashed Potatoes For Breakfast?

This is no lie. At 8:30 this morning I lay in bed trying to decide if I should get up or go back to sleep. Just as I decided to go ahead and get up, I heard the sound of a synthesizer outside, playing the Close Encounters tune. It sounded exactly like the movie; it even sounded like it was a Moog playing it. It was too loud to be a ringtone—I mean, it was loud. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window, but there was nothing and no one out there. Not a car nor a human in sight. I just asked Joel if he heard it and he said that he hears it all the time, as well as the Westminster chimes. We think it either comes out through the tornado siren, or that the bell tower structure on the building across the lane may be being fit with a clockwork. Who knows? At least I know I’m not going nuts. Or maybe we’re both being summoned.