Unlike most people I’ve met, I look forward to Mondays. My work week begins, the house has quieter days during which I can more easily concentrate on my work, and a comfortable routine returns. Monday is also the day that I take care of my house plants, a soothing activity for me. It has been a wonderful weekend. In two short days I have experienced the following:

  • I saw our girls transformed from teenaged students to elegant young women in their prom dresses, accessories and salon-styled hair.
  • I saw tears of joy spill from Nettl’s eyes when she saw them.
  • I was moved to my foundation by a spiritually charged phone conversation I had with a friend.
  • I shared laughter with my dear friend, Debra, and felt love for her when she put her head on my lap.
  • I enjoyed a lazy Sunday of napping in front of the telly.
  • A friend came over to spend Sunday evening with us, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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