Another Monday

As the saying goes, suddenly I’m as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. I’m not complaining, though. I have three web design projects going, all paying jobs, not to mention my own sites, two of which are undergoing significant changes.

On Saturday, as I returned from taking Nathan to a friend’s house, I got behind a couple in a pick-up truck...

The girl was sitting next to the boy, like couples used to do before seat belt laws. It was nice to see, and it reminded me of summer days in the Sixties when sitting in this manner felt special, vaguely rebellious. It also reminded me of an Art Garfunkel song:

Went to school in cars,
in our cars,
pretty girls,
Cruisin’ after the game,
watchin’ radio.
Let your baby know in cars,
restaurant mobile,
Two behind the wheel like double-neck guitars,
In our cars.

We fell in love in cars,
in a car at the show,
Silhouettes on the glass,
memories in chrome.
Take your baby home in cars,
everything was warm,
What a perfect form underneath the stars,
In our cars.