Wednesday Whatnot #2

Whatnot 1: What the hell’s up with my blog this month? Is it the color scheme? Is it the layout? Or do I just suck this month? Maybe it’s the font I used for my sidebar titles. Maybe everything is just too perky, or maybe I’m just plain unfocused and can’t write this month. Whatever it is, something’s got to change, and I mean in a big way. This is just crap.

Whatnot 2: I’ve joined the Roundtable, and I’m looking forward to being an active, inebriated participant each Thursday. Hey, it’s just a new incarnation of my old beloved Hair Night, only in the blogosphere rather than in my living room. Looks like my turn comes up on the 27th of this month. It’s only right that I be a member of this group. Alexander Woollcott was my great-great uncle, so I kind of see this as my attempt to carry on a fine family tradition (hic!). Click that blurred excuse for an image. Uncle Alexander is the rotund old queen with the cigarette holder and round eyeglasses. Here’s to you, dear uncle! I promise to get that ring reset one of these days.

Whatnot 3: I’ve been in a mega funk today. You know the kind. The kind where you drink your fancy import beer straight from the bottle rather than from the appropriate glass.

Whatnot 4: Tonight there was a concert with Lauren’s wind ensemble. Those kids can really play. Before we went, Nettl and I pigged out at Lu’s. When we walked in, there stood Mr. Ex-Nettl with the kids, paying their bill. I was glad they were leaving as we were just arriving. Doing the “big happy family” thing at these concerts and school programs is one thing, but eating out together is something else.