Belated Shout Out

It wasn’t until 11:00 pm that I realized it was Roundtable day, and then, when I went to other Tablers’ sites to access Joe Wack’s entry, I found that I couldn’t. I wonder what’s up? I’ve already made a post-it note so that I don’t forget my turn on May 5th. At least I think that’s my turn. I’m supposed to follow Prego, and I’m assuming that the list in my sidebar is correct...

I just took a Xanax—the first I’ve used in ages. My prescription is one refill a month, but it takes me three or four months to get through it. Anyway, I’m way off whack here. For the past week my schedule has been completely chaotic, and I’m hoping I’ll sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow ready to work during the day, rather than all night.

Providing that I get up before noon tomorrow, I’m going to take an hour to leisurely read my favorite blogs over my morning coffee. No more of this jumping right to work the minute my feet hit the floor.

I made scampi for dinner. I thought my entire family was going to melt away into little puddles of bliss. That always feels good. Few people know that if I were younger, at this point in time, I’d probably be pursing a career as a television chef. I’m not sure what my schtick would be—I’ll think on that and let you know. Nevertheless, I’ve been building my recipe database (not easy since I neither follow them nor write them down; I’m a use-your instincts-and-throw-it-in-there kind of cook. Guess cheffing runs in our family as strongly as does music and writing. My grandmother was a phenomenal baker; never measured a thing, and my older brother is head chef at a major casino restaurant.

Okay. The Xanax is working. I’m gone. Hopefully, I’ll be writing a morning entry after I wake up.