All Work & No Play

I worked all day on the largest of the web projects. I spent the last two days building templates for the owner to decide between, and now, that done, I’m ready to dive into the real work of actually building the site. It’s going to be a huge job, but a lot of fun. An older project will get my undivided attention tomorrow. That should be done in a couple of weeks.

With so much work, I find that I have to divide my work time in shifts: the days will get one project and the nights will get the other. Then, of course, there are my own sites to maintain. I love it! I love working!

Can’t believe it got into the hundreds today—and it’s only April. I think we’re in for a hot one, folks.
And now, time for a question:

Do you have anything taped to your computer monitor?
What is it and why is it there?

I have two fortune cookie fortunes: “You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home.” and “Success will be yours at home and in business.” Pretty clear why I have them up there.


  1. I have two Fortunes also:
    You have the ability to plan a practical course for yourself and follow through.

    Your good deeds are never forgotten.

    I also have a list of commonly used phone numbers. (this is my work computer)

  2. The only thing I have on my monitor at work is the telephone numbers to reach our Workman's Comp offices.

    We now have a flat screen monitor at home, and there is nothing taped to it.

    I do however, have 5 various ducks sitting on top of my monitor at work.

  3. Ducks? Do they crap on your screen?

  4. I don’t have anything taped either, but there are a couple of stuffed pigs sitting on my desktop monitor.

  5. There’s nothing taped to my monitor. I am ashamed.

  6. No taping to my laptop monitor. I use virtual post-it notes by just typing things in my Palm OS calendar.

  7. Ah, I cannot live without my post-it notes. Give me post-its, paper clips and Wite-Out®, send me back to meet with Napoleon, and we could rule the world!

  8. Bob: You’re a nature boy–we all know it. Be proud!

  9. Taped to my monitor!
    What isn’t?
    Well… nothing anymore.
    But I used to have message after message, and little web tips, & password after password.

    But I have put together a revolutionary device for all these bits of paper: Lots of A4 paper in plastic sleeves. And the webtips are all carefully coded in a drawer.

    Oh, I really am a webdevgeek! Mum will be so proud!

    All that is left on my pathetic little 15″ monitor is the browser resolution positions from 320×240 to 1024×768.
    So glad I don’t have a webcam!

  10. Not a thing. But I like the fortune cookie idea. All of those are taped to my freezer door.


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