Well, If This Isn't the Shit

I’ve been doing a little research on hypothyroidism and found a list of symptoms. If this isn’t what’s wrong with me, I’ll be very surprised...

Fatigue (since 1997)
Headaches/Migraines (since 2001)
Irritability (since 2000)
Fluid retention (2004)
Decreased sex drive (2001)
Low motivation, Apathy (2004)
Inappropriate weight gain (2000)
Insomnia (2002)
Arthritis and joint aches (1990)
Muscular aches (1992)
Abnormal throat sensations (1985)
Low self esteem (1995)
Low blood pressure (2005)
Frequent urinary infections
Ringing in the ears (1985)
Easy bruising (1997)
Flushing (1995)
Poor coordination (2005)
Increased skin infections/Acne (1986)
Changes in skin pigmentation (1997)
Snoring (2006)
Excessively tired after eating (2005)
“Gritty” eyes/Blurred vision (2005)
Anxiety/Panic attacks (1992)
Hair loss (2005)
Depression (1992)
Decreased memory (2004)
Decreased concentration (1995)
Constipation/IBS (1997)
Dry skin/Dry hair (2005)
Falling asleep during the day (2005)
Allergies/Asthma (2005)
Itchiness of skin (2006)
Ulcers (1986)
Heat/Cold intolerance (2004)
Frequent colds and sore throats (1995)
Lightheadedness (1997)
Slow wound healing (1998)
Acid indigestion (1985)
Cold hands/feet (2004)
Increased nicotine, caffeine use (2005)
Hypoglycemia (2000)
Abnormal swallowing sensations (1985)
Bad breath (2003)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (1997)

As I mused over this list last night, I realized that some of these symptoms started as far back as 1985, and that most of them really set in during 1992 when I moved to Denver to take care of my dying father. Since then, my life has been one big wad of stress after another. I mean, major life-altering stress. I’ve read that stress is a prime cause of Hypothyroidism.

Man! Knowing that there’s a treatment for this—and that I can actually feel normal after 14 years of this crap—is like being blind and being told that you will see again. I can’t even joke about it; I find I’m very emotional right now with the possibility of no longer feeling 20 years older than I actually am.

So maybe my insomnia is curable… Gasp! I’m going to have to reinvent myself!
Update 03-03-06 @ 6:55 pm: The test came back positive for Hashimoto's Disease and I’ve already taken my first Levoxyl. My pharmacist said I should be feeling some improvement in two to three days. If you have been suffering from some of the symptoms listed above, please go see your doctor. Treating this soul-sucking, life-robbing disease is as simple as a blood test, and I promise you, the relief you’ll feel just knowing that the lethargy, lack of passion for anything, and fatigue is not laziness, and that it’s not your fault, will be immense. I can’t believe how the last 20 years of my life have been impacted by this monster.