I Believe in Miracles (of Modern Science)

I woke up wide awake at a quarter to seven. I put in my eye drops and laid back with eyes shut to let them do their magic. Nettl was in the bath getting ready for work and when she came out, I was sitting up in bed, smiling.

“Look at you!” she exclaimed, grinning from ear-to-ear.
“I feel great!” I replied. “And look. My eyes aren’t swollen. I don’t have scrotum sacs under them anymore!”
“You’re so gross; you’re feeling better.” She then leaned over to look into my eyes. “They’re still red, but not anything like yesterday. Don’t over-do it today. I know how you are.”

I got up and made my coffee, fed all the fish, tidied up the sink, then came back to make the bed. After Nettl left, I took a shower, took my barrage of meds, and dressed. I then started the laundry, poured another coffee, and here I am. Have I over-done it? Nah. My eyes are itchy, but that blister is gone, and my vision is back to normal. My only real complaint is a mild headache, but I can live with that. Not complaining at all.