On Friday night I bought another Betta and I have to say, he is the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen; certainly the most beautiful Betta I’ve owned. He is of the Halfmoon variety, and I named him Jet. Not only is he very young, he’s also very active and playful, and blowing bubbles like crazy. This pictures isn’t of him, but it’s very close, except that Jet’s fins are textured with a sort of stripe and pin dot design and he’s so dark blue that he’s almost black.

From now on, my fish are getting only bottled water. The recent pipeline work around here killed Yo-Yo and my two Calicos even though I used a water treatment. Jet has absolutely no chemicals in his tank, and he never will. He’s in an octagonal 1.5 gallon tank that has only some polished black stones and one plant in it. I’d like to add some low-growing plants though.

I’ve really grown fond of Bettas, and I’ll probably always have one, now that I’ve come to understand them. They'll like tiny little dogs. Really!