Agents & Publishers

Here’s what's said about my book, Night Music, The Memoirs of Wolfgang Amadè Mozart:

“Several editors have looked at the material, and all enjoyed it. The general feeling was that it was a good, unusual read. Unfortunately, however, we have decided that it is not quite suited to our list.” (Bloomsbury Publishing)

“Thank you for giving me a chance to read your material. Although I enjoyed it, I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to pass on it.” (Linda Allen Literary Agency)

“As an ardent “fan” of Mozart’s music, I can not resist the opportunity to consider your novel. It sounds as though you have the necessary musical and scholarly background to deal with the material.” (Sobel Weber Assocs., Inc)

“I have loved Mozart since I was ten. I was very happy to look at your biography of this great man. It is professionally done. However, I simply don’t believe I could market it to either your satisfaction or mine.” (Pelham Literary Agency)

“While your novel does an outstanding job of giving Mozart’s personal “take” on his brief life, it’s not a work I can successfully place in today’s dismal marketplace.” (James R. Cyber Literary Agent)

The above comments are only a few I pulled out of a file folder of 39 rejection letters.