Oh, Man, I'm a Girl!

If I thought the weekend would bring me repose and rest from the heavy work week I'd survived, I was wrong. After getting my press kit finished, I had Lynette's to build. On Saturday we took photos for our kits; I'm not in any way photogenic. Never have been. I have weird angles and large features, so I always hate seeing pictures of myself. I think they came out nice, though. I don't know why they did. Maybe we were just in the right mood or something.

The hardest thing for me was putting on the makeup. Back in the 1960s and '70s I wore a lot of makeup, but I quit many years ago. I just don't like the feel of it on my skin, and I really don't like not being able to rub an eye or scratch a cheek, if need be. It's a hassle, but I have to admit I don't look so old when I have that crap on my face. Which has caused me to rethink things. Maybe I'll start wearing it again, like when we go out, or when people come over. We'll see. Now if I could just lose about 15 or 20 pounds...