Giving Credit Where it's Due

Sometimes I might complain about living in a smaller town than I might prefer. Stillwater isn't really all that small, actually. During the school year there are upwards of about 50,000 people. That decreases considerably during the summer when the university students leave.

Anyway, one of the pluses of living here is smaller businesses, which means faster, friendlier service. Yesterday, for no apparent reason and without any warning, our DSL modem went dead. I waited about an hour, then called Chickasaw, our local telephone and internet company. No automated system, no being transferred from one desk to the next, no trying to understand the Hindi accent, no hassles. The girl took my information and within 15 minutes the tech was at our door. Cost us nothing, and 10 minutes later we were up on the net again.

So bravo, Chickasaw! Here's to you!