Flying, Hovering, Occasionally Landing

My days have gotten kind of busy this week. Now that my book is out there, I'm spending my daytime hours finding ways to market it, and there are a lot.

I love this part of the creative process. When I was an entertainer, I acted as my own manager. I booked gigs and schmoozed and had a great time doing it. I'm discovering that marketing a book about rock and roll is really no different that marketing the music itself.

Plus, I've been writing things for the Boomers and Books blog while working on my second book, so I haven't had much time to drop a post in here. I do come in, though, and check things out. Not many comments, but that's what I get, I guess.

I do visit your blogs, so don't feel neglected. Sometimes I leave a comment and sometimes I don't, but I'm there every morning while drinking my coffee, just as I always was.


  1. It's good to hear you are busy doing stuff you love!
    Don't worry about commenting, one has only so many hours in a day.

    I have been away a bit and now I have a hard time getting back to blogging. Too much on my mind, too much pressure to study, too little time for the luxury of creating blog posts. It may also be simply the end of the line, after all, it's of no importance.

  2. I'm thinking, shorter entries may be the way to go for a while. Thanks for popping by!


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