After changing the template and futzing with the masthead, I began going through all my posts to clean out any images that were lost somehow, and to weed through the one-line, nothing posts. Because this blog is nearly 10 years old, that took me a couple of days and I still didn't throw out as much crap as I could have. Someday I'll have to do that.

I read a few posts while I was at it and I couldn't help but notice how much my "voice" has changed through the years. The change is good. I'm not the snark beast I tried to be in the past and, since I started steering clear of politics, the overall tone is much happier. This tells me that I'm happier. That negative crap never really suited me anyway. It was just a defense mechanism I'd created after coming out that last relationship. But that was a long time ago, wasn't it?

Anyway, I've spent most of tonight searching for screenshots and mastheads that this blog has worn through the years. A lot are missing, but here are a few you might remember...

This was my very first Wordpress template.
It lasted a while, but I tired of WP very quickly.
This, and a number of variations of it,
was the most popular masthead.
I always liked this one, but no one else did, so I dumped it.
I scarcely remember this one.
And I don't even remember this. I think that was
back when I was drinking too much wine.
This one didn't last long, either.
I created this one just for summer one year.
I remember this. I remember that I
grew to dislike it very quickly.
This one is pretty recent.You may remember that I changed
the items on the wall and shelf according to the nearest holiday.
And this was the last one. It's my favorite although it's pretty Goth.

I know there were others, like the pale blue one that had the cartoon of the guy with a caffeine drip in his arm. Then there was a beachy looking one for summer. My very first blog (which I hosted from my own server and built in Frontpage) was deep royal blue and had stars in the sidebars.

If I come across any others, I'll let you know.


  1. I dig the new look. And the look back...

  2. Oooh, I like it! And I can read it without trouble. Yay! Good job!

  3. Wow, I remember quite a few!
    More than 5 years, isn't it?

    Btw, I liked the counting sheep! :-)

  4. @BEE: Thanks. You've been a round a long time, dude.

    @Mellodee: Thanks, and I adjusted the font size with you in mind. Glad you can read it now.

    @Merisi: I think we met in 2006, so, yeah. five years! I remember I held a vote on a few possible banners, and the sheep came in last.

  5. I remember at least a few of those, too!

  6. Snakes and Grasshoppers! Clicked on you for the first time in a week and nearly had a heart attack and died. But it really is very nice indeed!

  7. That's what you get for nearly killing yourself in the arctic northern wilderness!


  8. Very cool. All of it.


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