Weekend Delights: a Halfhearted Bullet List sans Bullets

That was about the most perfect weekend I can imagine. I remember when the perfect weekend meant getting all glammed up and going dancing on Friday or Saturday night (both, if there were good bands at my favorite watering holes), then having friends over for a barbecue on Sunday. Monday was always spent hungover and struggling through the day at work; I'd never waste a good Sunday on being hungover.

These days my delights are simpler: my laptop, a book, a movie, coffee, a lot of giggling with Nettl, and never moving my ass from the bed. This weekend was even better because yesterday Micah made a big pot of potato-leek soup with crusty wheat rolls. Man, that was awesome! I didn't have to cook or clean up, either. That was a luxury. And there's enough left that I don't have to think about cooking or cleaning up tonight. How's that for bliss?

Yesterday I had to put the blanket on the bed and last night the heat came on. Guess summer is really over.